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G Hotel’s Saturday Sunday Sausage Sizzle a new hit in Penang

G Hotel launched its first “Saturday Sunday Sausage Sizzle” recently offering an abundant variety of sausage sizzles at G Pool Bar. While Penang may not exactly be Chicago where hot dogs are concerned, but G Hotel still served great sausage sizzles. Newly introduced for the first time in G Hotel, together with a brand new barbeque pit, Sausage Sizzle will soon become the new hit in town.

Saturday Sunday Sausage Sizzle encourages hotel guests and Penangnites to step out of their room or office and soak up the sun while enjoying the best pool sizzles in Penang. Making it more interesting, is a live chef cooking at the Barbeque pit with the smell of sizzling sausage to hunt you. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity. There are choices of beef & chicken sausages to choose from and also five different styles for your sausage sizzle such as G Town Sizzle, Chillin’ Sizzle, 

Guac-A-Sizzle, Sloppy Slaw Sizzle and Sunshine Sizzle. Each sausage sizzle can be personalized by their distinctive mix of ingredients. Every sausage sizzle comes with an addition of potato chips, spiced cassava chips or nachos. In the meantime, sip on a cool soda of your choice or up-size for a glass of milk shake or an ice cold beer to cool your day too!

You can always have a twist to your sausage sizzle by adding your own choice of handmade condiments such as tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, whole-grain mustard, tabasco sauce and so on. “Saturday Sunday Sausage Sizzle” is priced at RM25++ per set and comes with chips & soda. You can opt for an up-size of milk shake or draft beer with an addition of RM10.

Be spoilt while you rest and relax by the infinity swimming pool with the newly introduced pampering. Upon reaching, have a cold towel. The associates also provide the extra mile service by cleaning your sunglasses too. Have fun getting pampered while enjoying your sausage sizzle. 

If sausage sizzles is not your cup of tea, there are options like G Club Sandwich, Steak Sandwich, Southwestern Slider, Fish Fillet Burger and Pizzas. Besides milk shake, draft beer and soda, G Pool bar also serves their signature Slush which comes with strawberry or mango flavours. 

Purchase anything from the bar and enjoy the privilege to dip in the stunning infinity swimming pool. Chill with your family and loved ones at the comfy poolside couches. For reservations, please call 04-238 0000 or email . 

You will be welcome with ice cold towel to cool you down upon your arrival, how thoughtful :)

Here is the new promo menu for you.

G Town Sizzle is a sausage with sesame bun before being smothered in G Hotel house pickled sweet relish, tomato & gherkin slices, ice-berg lettuce and cheddar cheese. All the condiments harmonized each other perfectly. The sausage is spiced up with a nice balance of seasoning and herbs and there is a great textural bite to it. 

Chillin’ Sizzle showcased a nicely grilled sausage in a bun and crowned with pickled jalapenos, diced onion, Dijon mustard and lollo rossa lettuce. But it’s the precise balancing act of pickled jalapenos, diced raw onion and sharp house-made Dijon mustard squiggles that give this Chillin’ Sizzle its curious perfection. 

The Guac-A-Sizzle, topped with a gorgeous mosaic of avocado chunks, tomatoes, diced onion, green cilantro leaves and dill cucumber salsa. 

Sloppy Slaw Sizzle comes with an apple-horseradish slaw with gruyere cheese and whole grain mustard. It may look a little unusual but once you have tasted it, you would agree that this is one tasty sausage sizzle. The sausage is very well seasoned and full of flavours. It has a nice creaminess to it too. 

Sunshine Sizzle consisting of pickled red onions and fresh dill relish, squared off against cream cheese and mayonnaise is a remarkable combo.

Here are the promotion that G Hotel is having. If you are not a fan of sausages you can order other dish as well. Bottom are the menu for other option you can choose from. 

New slush machine specially bought to chill their guess from the heat. You have two choice, they are mango and strawberry. 

I ordered the mango but it is too sweet to my liking but i think it is best for foreigner. Sweet and mangoist. 

Honeydew fruit juice to chill Cyn cyn :)

Here is our Sunshine Sizzle but too bad Cyn cyn don't like fresh raw cucumber. To me this dish have the lightness and crunchiness from the cucumber cubes. Sadly cucumber give out water and dilute the cream cheese mayonnaise. Overall the sunshine is great beside the pool :)

Sloppy Slaw Sizzle was Cyn cyn favorite as it contain a lots of sour condiments. As the name suggested sloppy it is really a sloppy while you eat it. 

Chef Mogan in action. Cutting in house hot dog bun. The best, fluffy, tender and delicious bun i ever had. It is very dent and filling too. 

Bun and sausages on the new BBQ pit. 

Chef Mogan at your service :)

Pool view just beside the bar. 

G Hotel
Address: Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, 10250 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-238 0000

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.

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Sensational Sakura at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang

In the month of March Eastin Hotel Penang is proud to present yo you the award winning chef, Ricky Hui Eng Keong for their theme of the month 'sensational sakura'. Chef Ricky will be preparing the freshest and most mouth watering Japanese delights at Swez Brasserie only for you.

Chef Ricky Hui Eng Keong, the award winning HAPA Master chef (Asian) - Master of authenticity are currently Executive Japanese Chef at multiple award winning Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, Eastin Petaling Jaya.

Zuke Kajiki/ Marinated White Tuna with Wasabi-Mayo Sauce (腌制白鲔鱼搭芥末-美乃酱) and Ika Ebiko, raw Squid with Prawn Roes.

Zuke Kajiki/ Marinated White Tuna with Wasabi-Mayo Sauce. Fresh tuna was marinated for more then 12 hour for maximum flavour. Then drenched with fresh wasabi mayo sauce to bring out it natural sweetness and a hint of background kick. Simple yet complicated dish.

Ika ebiko was on of my favorite starter. Another simple dish that blow your mind. Fresh and sweet raw Squid coated with tiny little boom of flavors. Raw rocket give it a hint of bitterness to round up the whole dish. Wuh, this is what i called small dish with giant flavor. 

Next to come was Sashimi (刺身生鱼片).

Their were Tako/ Octopus Sashimi, Aka Gai/ Ark Clam Sashimi, Salmon and Salmon Belly Sashimi.

Eyuzu Maki/ Crispy Soft Shell Crab Sushi Maki (香酥软壳蟹寿司卷). Simple yet flavorful dish presented to me.

Kaki Motayaki/ Gratinated Oysters (日式焗蚝). Love it! all the cheeses and freshness of the oysters. Yum with a hints of lemon juice. 

Teppanyaki Gyu Maki/ Teppanyaki Grilled Beef Striploin Roll with Enoki Mushrooms and Green Onions (铁板烤牛柳金针菇与大葱). For beef lover this was one of the dish to die for :)

Chawan Mushi (茶碗蒸), pack with ingredient such as chicken, crab stick, shrimp, ginkgo and spring onion. The texture was the main attraction, wobbly and velvety smooth steam egg.    

Ninniku Yaki Meshi/ Garlic Fried Rice (日式蒜香炒饭). Great Japanese rice with well coated with flavor and not over cooked fried garlic. This was the best garlic fried rice i had so far. Most of the places over fried their garlic and leave bitter charcoal garlic.This was perfect.

Sweet ending with Oshiroko/ Red Bean Stew with Mochi (浓香红豆甜汤). Cooked for 8 hours with Yuzu, Japanese red bean and sugar. The stew was perfect.

Chef of the day Master chef Ricky Hui.

Prices for the buffets are as follow: 

Lunch: Monday - Friday
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Rm 50++ (adult) Rm 25++ (child)

Hi-Tea: Saturday and Sunday
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Rm 68++ (adult) Rm 34++ (child)

Semi Buffet Dinner: Sunday - Tuesday, Thursday
6:30pm - 10:00pm
From Rm50++ per person

March Credit Card Promotions:

Standard Chartered Bank, UOB Bank, OCBC Bank, CIMB Bank, Citibank and MasterCard Worldwide card members, guests can enjoy 15% discount for Semi Buffet Dinner (Monday to Thursday) and Weekend Buffet Dinner (Friday and Saturday) from 6:30pm to 10:00pm.

For inquiries or reservations, kindly contact Eastin Hotel Penang, Swez Brasserie at +04- 612 1128.

Disclaimer: This is a personal food blog. The opinions expressed here are my own, based on my personal taste buds; others may have different opinions. Also, as we all know, qualities & standards of individual restaurants/food may change over time, so do note the time stamp on this review.